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Welcome to Stitched by JessaLu!

I hope you can find something here to keep your knitting cozy!

Update on Updates!! Shop is currently CLOSED while I prep for vending at Fiber Revival on August 9!!

When the shop is open, if a print shows 'sold out' then it's sold out (I'm sorry!) and I'm either waiting for the reorder to arrive to restock or I need to do inventory to restock.

If you want a heads up on larger shop updates, please 'like' my page on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter! You can also follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see my other crafty pursuits and some fabric sneak peeks. :o)

A big THANK YOU to everyone for your patience! Much appreciated! I am only a one-woman business and I can only do so much - I'd say that someday I'll have more help but then my bags wouldn't be 'Stitched by JessaLu' anymore ;o)

If you are new to Big Cartel, don't be nervous! You don't need an account and checkout is through Paypal, just like Etsy!

Click 'Products' to get started!